Symphony of a Restored Heart



I am a Women's Empowerment Advocate as my primary focus. Though I have many other gifts, I believe advocating for those who are silenced by fear is my main purpose. I survived child sexual abuse by the grace of God, not by luck or chance it was the GRACE...I know why I am here.

Therefore my sense of duty is to use my voice to liberate those enslaved by abuse and violence through the same God who saved me. My prayer focus platform Mission Nine 4 Eight and global women's magazine AUTHENTIC extend my vision. Giving up is NEVER an option, there is a message in your mess!


Adversity to some, means the absence of God. I will shift the myth and tell you that adversity is a perfect indication that He is there. Well…how can adversity reign freely in the presence of God? It cannot, it has to retreat. Hence a shift / a movement will take place. To the naked eye, this shift can be perceived as chaos and trauma. It takes a complete surrender to God’s timing for you to be at peace during such times or seasons.

" I discovered that I cannot die unless I give up my spirit. No one can break me unless I allow it..''


As a young child, I was violated in such a manner that I can never fully understand, and never spoke about it until 2016. However, that adversity ignited me into the place called Christ my virtue. He is the reason I am alive and well today.

My mum often told me Tendayi se zita rako, meaning be thankful because that is what your name means. She often spoke of my strength and tenacity to face things head on. What mum didn’t know was that I was a diamond under pressure. I never told my parents what happened to me, I don't know why I never frankly I don't want to know. I know I am saved by grace and that is what matters to me.

I told the One who mattered, and He rescued me. I gave him my broken heart and I was able to live freely away from those who would prey on me. God moved circumstances around in my life to keep me safe and whole not just physically but mentally too. The abuse took my voice away for many years; and I was comfortable within the walls of silence. However, the day came when silence had to die; I found my voice and spoke out.