UO Styling hosts LET'S TALK STYLE

Personal Image and Fashion Stylist Uche Obasohan founder of UO Styling, recently hosted The Lets Talk Style Networking event.

This was the first event in a set of series to follow in 2019. The topic for the day was titled ‘Body Shapes’.

UO Styling promotes body confidence for women, as the brand realises that women often beat themelves down for not being the perfect size or shape.

Uche recognises that women are designed to be curvy even with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Additionally women’s bodies change over time such as after pregnancy or with age.

UO Styling created the event to empower women to love and embrace their body shapes despite the areas they may be uncomfortable with.

Let’s face it we all have parts of our bodies that we may not like but accepting our imperfections as what makes us unique and special is paramount.

Over 30 women were present on the day in an intimate setting designed with the women at heart. Body confidence is an important aspect of the brand’s work especially during client consultations.

UO Styling educated the women about styling themselves confidently through clothing designs, fabrics prints and accessories.


‘‘It is important to know that it's not necessarily your shape that needs to change but how you see yourself “

UO Styling Founder Uche Obasohan

At the end of the event each woman left knowing and understanding the following:

-What a personal stylist was and how they can use one

-How to identify their personal style

-The 5 different body shapes and how to dress for each body shape

The last activity for the event was ‘guess the body Shape’. This gave the ladies an opportunity to put into practice what they had learnt.

Three models ranging from a size 10 to a 14 with different body shapes were styled wearing clothing sponsored by Zere Fashion House.

The event also included interactive Q & A and a raffle competition including a great opportunity for networking.


“I took a lot away from today’s events thank you for the new found knowledge. I now look forward to the next event.” Gapreet Brar

“Thank you UO Styling for an eye opening masterclass on how to dress for your body shape. After this class I started thinking about my previous and current outfit choices and if I truly dressed for my body shape. I have to say I haven’t always got it right but this masterclass has given me a glimpse of tools to help me make more informed choices when shopping on line”.


Let’s Talk STYLE 2019

Tendayi Mahachi