I remember as a young girl aged about 7, there was a robin bird that used to come by bedroom window. At first I didn’t think anything of it, I just thought oh cute little bird. Years later, I now observed that the bird would frequently visit. Two things have caught my attention.

The first was that the bird was very confident. The second thing, was the bird had one leg. I remember being marvelled at this little bird that was living her life and enjoying every bit of it despite the one leg.

This little bird would land on my window, start a song and go about what she was doing and then fly away. She never missed a visit. The leg was not an issue to her, she was the happiest creature I ever encountered.

Several times I wanted to capture her so she could be my pet, but she would fly away each time leaving me in tears. Defiant of my attempts, she would come again and of course I was so delighted to see her. I gave up trying to capture her and let her be. This relationship continued, until one day she stopped coming.

There is a reason why I tell you of my little friend the robin bird with one leg. She displays self-esteem and self-worth.

She was different from the other birds, but that was what made her extra ordinary and beautiful.

Along with her one leg, she still managed to fly and express herself. Her song bought joy to me. Had she looked like any other bird, I don’t think I would have noticed her or even remembered her today almost 30 years later.

The beauty about you, is that you are different. That distinction makes you unique and a pleasure to be around. Don’t try to be like someone else or try to fit in with the crowd, because you may lose that radiant treasure that’s on the inside of you.

Be the best of you, no matter how many legs you have!

Sing your song and fly!!

FAITHTendayi MahachiComment