WEARING YOUR SHOES!! They are more than a fashion accessory, but a vital accessory and a comfort. I can’t imagine not having shoes, can you? My favourite shoes are my tan brogues. I love them because they are simple and effortless, and they are essential to the journey!

Reflecting on the journey I have travelled so far. I can see elements of that journey have been extremely unpleasant, some have beautiful loving memories and others have been questionable I must say. The unpleasant parts of my journey could have easily stopped me from moving. I could have lost the will to live and just accept life as it was.

I won’t lie to you, some people just existed with no real desire for life;  and just pretend everything is ok, show a perfect smile to the world. I spent my time on a hamster on a wheel, constantly performing.

Until the day, it dawned on me... I put on my shoes and made that bold first step! There was no way; I was going to continue on the sideline of life while my tormentors enjoyed it. I put on my shoes and walked away from a fear of breathing. I walked away from the toxic environment and took my first breath of life!

I’m not a magician and I certainly don’t believe in magic. So I will not perform tricks, to convince you of what I am writing about.

The journey of self-discovery is not to be taken lightly. Rest assured, you are not alone, and many are taking this journey daily. Parts of the journey may be rough, so wear appropriate shoes!

The day I decided to put on my shoes and embark on my journey, I made a personal commitment to myself. That commitment was to treat me with some dignity and respect, I chose to love me! Loving yourself will free you from giving someone else the power to determine your self-worth.

Put your shoes on to trigger a chain of events,that will ultimately lead you:

- To examine yourself truthfully through the word of God.

- To confront your fears and heal with God's word.

- To evacuate every toxic environment that you may have placed yourelf in through ignorance.

- To throw away the t-shirt with the 'victim' label and wear MY cap of victory!

You will cry for a season, then maybe smile through the next season and eventually laugh! You will have joy within your spirit. 

Remember, this is a journey that’s why you've got to put on your shoes. Some of you will walk, many of you will jog and the rest of you are running.

But don’t observe someone else, just put on your shoes, and begin your journey!