My TANK is not EMPTY

My Tank is not empty, Christ has filled it up!

I flow in creativity when I am alone. That is my one on one time with God. It may look like a loner mentality to some, but really I love my own space. As a child I played alone, even though I am a middle child.

My afternoon tea parties with Mr Teddy were the highlight of my day, my dad of course was the only guest permitted. I can only imagine what dad thought during those tea sessions. Bless him. To my elder brother Nyarai and my beloved cousin Lundi I was weird, because they could not understand me. LOL

However, there was someone who did...

At that time, I was not fully aware of who He was. I had heard His name being mentioned around me, but I did not know Him. I clearly remember His presence though, because He was that calm presence within me. I can confidently say that He was and still is my peace and my confidence. Later on at the age of seventeen, I would meet Him and accept Him as the Lord of my life. He is that refreshing water that quenched my thirst till eternity. tank is NOT empty. I make that statement to encourage the ones being labelled and manipulated by opinions and prejudices born of ignorance. The colour of your skin, your body shape, the country you were born in, your marital status, your height, your level of education and every other man made limitations CANNOT validate you. The stupidity of this world should not overwhelm you to the point that you feel inadequate or empty. Simply embrace who you are and live your life to its fullest. 

Regardless your circumstances, YOUR TANK IS NOT EMPTY.

My friends understand me when I say " Africa was my point of entry into this world full stop". Through studying the word of God I have come to the enlightening conclusion that I am a personality that is deeper, broader and more expansive than my physical appearance or accent. Where do I come from? I COME FROM THE DEPTHS OF GOD.

My nature and personality is revealed by the word of God. Christ died for me and now I have the ability to make choices that honour / reflect my true nature which is now mingled with the Spirit of God. MY TANK IS OVERFLOWING WITH CHRIST.

My country is Christ. My flag is Christ. My tradition is Christ. My identity is Christ. My creative ability is Christ. I will NOT be bound by man made traditions and neither should you. Christ in you is the hope of Glory (Colossians 1:27)

Society will dictate to you, what to wear, what to think, when to think, it will place you where it sees fit. However, when you come to the Kingdom of God to that place called Christ, your life will play by a different set of laws. These are the laws of the Kingdom of God.

The labels placed on you, do not validate you. Christ is your validation. No one can condemn you for refusing to fit into their traditions or cultural ways. (Romans 8:1)


My tank is NOT empty