When I look at you, my sweet daughter

Into your deep set, raven black eyes

I see sweet innocence with a twinkle of mischief

You laugh freely, without knowledge of, the hope and

the love that I have felt for you.

For a mother’s heart runs deep

Our story began when you were implanted in my womb.

I remember each of your milestones

The first taste of the foods you would come to enjoy

The rolling over, the crawling, the walking and speaking

And I know there is a future filled with so many more milestones that you have yet to achieve.

To see you accomplishing more than I could in my lifetime, to see you happy and healthy as you

do those things.

These are my hopes

When I felt your heart beating against mine as you lay on my chest.

Just as you felt mine beating while you were inside me

The joy I experienced when I felt a gentle kick here and there as a reminder of your presence

inside of me

Equal to the joy I feel when I wake up each morning to your smile, your voice, a reminder of

how grateful I am

This is my love for you

So remember our bond runs so deep that my constant scolding comes from my purpose and

calling in life: to be your mother

For I only learned to pray to your Maker when I met you and to help you on this journey of life,

to help you achieve your own purpose.

For the seed in my womb has a long ways to go until it blossoms to the beautiful flower she was

meant to be

“For it is He who created your inmost being; He who knit you together in my womb.”

Excerpt from the poem Letter To My Daughter by Sovika Thapa