5 Reasons for solitude with GOD

Have you ever woken up in the morning, just full and overflowing with a strength and confidence you cannot describe? That was me, this morning. Because...well...I know what I know!

Maybe the most appropriate articulation could be that - His glorious force field that is made up of His spectacular energy protects me from intrusions that desire to contain or frustrate me. When you woke up in the morning, how did you feel? Who was the first one to hear your voice?

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3 Things to Think About in a Season of Waiting-

I know I'm not the only one thinking how hard it is to wait on the Lord's timing.

I'll be honest with you... I am most certainly NOT the type to be patient! I like things to go my way and to have it now, very much like the rest of this generation. I guess that's why so many call me a millennial?

Growing up, I was taught to dream big. I learned that if I put my mind to it and worked hard, I could achieve anything!

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Loving God with ALL my emotions. . .

‘You are here Lord; I can feel you in my spirit. Won’t you answer me?’ I asked that question in tears, a few years ago. I remember that prayer like yesterday. It was a cold winter night, in the early hours of the morning. I was in a flood of tears. I did what I did what I only knew to do, that was to cry to the only one who can and will comfort me and strengthen me.

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Recently I was really challenged to think about King David and how he danced before the Lord. It must have been quite a show to cause the level of embarrassment that we read about, to his wife Michal. But why was David dancing so extravagantly? Was he putting on a show? Was he trying to get a rise out of the people? Was he trying to irritate his wife?! Or was he making a statement about the victory he'd just watched being won? 

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I have always been insecure about my weight. Growing up, I had a friend who was always tiny and skinny. She had a flat stomach and I became very jealous. I felt like I had a huge potbelly. I hated going to the beach even as a child because of my body insecurity. As I got older, things got worse. I just felt big. I saw other people who weighed more than me, but I still considered myself to be fat. I was convinced that every other girl was skinnier than me, and thus better than me. 

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My Tank is not empty, Christ has filled it up!

I flow in creativity when I am alone. That is my one on one time with God. It may look like a loner mentality to some, but really I love my own space. As a child I played alone, even though I am a middle child.

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Sing your song

This little bird would land on my window, start a song and go about what she was doing and then fly away. She never missed a visit. The leg was not an issue to her, she was the happiest creature I ever encountered.

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Reflecting on the journey I have travelled so far. I can see elements of that journey have been extremely unpleasant, some have beautiful loving memories and others have been questionable I must say. The unpleasant parts of my journey could have easily stopped me from moving. I could have lost the will to live and just accept life as it was.

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