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3 Things to Think About in a Season of Waiting

I'm not the only one thinking how hard it is to wait on the Lord's timing. I am most certainly NOT the type to be patient! I like things to go my way and to have it now, very much like the rest of this generation.

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5 Reasons for solitude with GOD

Well...I know what I know! Maybe the most appropriate articulation could be that - His glorious force field that is made up of His spectacular energy protects me from intrusions that desire to contain or frustrate me.


My tank is NOT empty

My Tank is not empty, Christ has filled it up! I flow in creativity when I am alone. That is my one on one time with God. It may look like a loner mentality to some, but really I love my own space. My afternoon tea parties with Mr Teddy were the highlight of my day…


Woman of the Month:

Josephine Lau

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"We are a voice for the voiceless."

— Authentic Magazine

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Our Authentic

Every woman has the right to live her life BOLD, STRONG & INSPIRED…Launched in April 2018, we are a platform that encourages women and girls to be confident and to blossom in their own skin. Authentic-magazine strengthens and builds women through podcasts, blog posts, print magazine and events. This is a Christian lifestyle publication for all women.

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